About Cycle Whistler

When people think of Whistler the first thing that comes to mind is the mountain - skiing/snowboarding, mountain biking, and so on…but many are completely unaware of the beauty of this little town and just how more it has to offer, particularly in the summer months!

With almost endless hiking options, some of the most stunning lakes around, a truely diverse offering of food and beverage options and cultural experiences to suit just about everyone, it’s safe to say this little hotspot will never disappoint, and we haven’t even mentioned the best part…all of the incredible experiences awaiting you are linked by a little something called the Valley Trail, approximately 70km of paved walking/cycling trails connecting you to whatever might take your fancy that day. What’s the best way to explore Whistler? By bike of course!

After making the move West and spending over 20 years living and working in Whistler, focused on his passion for snow and everything that comes with the winter months in beautiful British Columbia, and continuing to grow his successful ski and snowboard tuning business Underground Tuning, in 2013 Yohann Sheetz (owner and operator) realised it was time for something more, it was time to share just how incredible the Whistler summer experience can be with any and everyone that made the trip to town, and with that, Cycle Whistler (then called Spitfire Rentals) was born.

Ever since that first summer in 2013, we’ve been growing our range, going that extra step and striving to deliver nothing but the finest for whoever walks through our doors - from suggested destinations to finding you the best routes and providing the ideal equipment to get you there, we’ve got you covered.

So give us a call or drop on in, and let us get you on your way to that perfect and unforgettable Whistler experience you’re craving!