Lakes and Parks in Whistler

The lakes and parks in Whistler are some of the most popular attractions in the summer. Gorgeous mountain views, picnic and BBQ facilities and docks to dive off are just a few of the reasons locals and visitors alike choose to spend their time sunning by the water. The following parks are all lakefront and can be reached by either the Valley Trail system on cruisers and Ebikes or by road on scooters.


Rainbow Park, Alta Lake

One of Whistler's favourite local hangouts, Rainbow Park sits on the western shore of Alta Lake. This large park features a set of beach volleyball courts, plenty of greenspace, BBQs and picnic tables, a concession stand and an off-leash area for dogs. Cruisers and Ebikes can reach Rainbow Park via the Valley Trail at the end of Lorimer Road, scooters will need to access it via Alta Lake Road from Alpine Meadows (a great route on longer rides!)

The Spit, Green Lake

The Spit is one of Whistler's more unique lakeside locations; a sand bar stretching from the edge of Green Lake close to the Nicklaus North golf course.  It's not an official municipal park so has little in the way of amenities, but it's a great spot to pull off the Valley Trail and watch the float planes take off and land on Green Lake. Scooters can park at the canoe pullout on Golden Bear Place by the River of Golden Dreams and walk the rest of the way along the Valley Trail and boardwalk to The Spit.




Alpha Lake Park, Alpha Lake

Located in Creekside, Alpha Lake Park has all the amenities for picnics and BBQs, a children's play area, a beach volleyball court and a dock. There's also an enclosed off leash area for dogs. If Alpha Lake Park is a little crowded you can always travel a few hundred metres south on the Valley Trail to Pine Point Park. There's no greenspace at Pine Point but plenty of serene spots overlooking Alpha Lake. 



Lakeside Park, Alta Lake

Lakeside Park is around 10 minutes' bike ride south of the village in the neighbourhood of Alta Vista and is popular due to how much sun it gets  in the late afternoon and early evening. It has BBQs and picnic tables, two docks, sandy beach for the kids and a concession stand for watercraft rental. 


Wayside Park, Alta Lake

Wayside Park is around 500 metres south of Lakeside Park on the Valley Trail (or on Wayside Lane if pulling off Highway 99). It's smaller than most of Whistler's  parks but still has plenty of amenities including BBQs, a picnic area, a dock, watercraft rental and a small sandy beach.  Many locals prefer Wayside as its generally less crowded than other parks.


 Just minutes from Whistler Village, Lost Lake is one of the most popular summer spots in the Whistler Valley. There's a sandy beach, several docks, a kids area and a set of picnic tables and BBQs with a concession stand. Dogs can run off leash at the nieghbouring Barking Bay beach. This is a great little loop if you have a bit of time left over from your bike or scooter ride.