How can we say it any better, this perfectly named route is the ideal ‘half day adventure’ to see some of the most beautiful outdoor attractions the Whistler Valley has to offer.

Starting very much the same as our recommended 1 - 2 Hour Ride, you’ll leave the village heading South, ride under Highway 99, round the Whistler Golf Course (keep an eye out for Black Bears, the grass is always greener on the course…) and cruise through Lakeside Park & Wayside Park on Alta Lake’s South Eastern bank (swim breaks encouraged but not mandatory), before turning and heading back North along the Valley Trail on the Western bank of Alta Lake towards Rainbow Park, this scenery is not to be missed!

Give yourself a minute to rest at Rainbow Park, you likely won’t need it as the suggested route along the Valley Trail is predominately flat/downhill, but we’re sure you’ll want it to take in the magnificent mountain views across the lake locking back at the Whistler & Blackcomb Mountains, and when you’re ready continue North on the Valley Trail alongside the River of Golden Dreams towards Meadow Park.

Meadow park boasts one of the nicest playgrounds in Whistler, as well as a splash-park for the kids to enjoy (just in case you can’t get them into one of Whistler’s many lakes on those hot summer days), not to mention an array of sporting fields and unsurprisingly, more incredible mountain views. From here you’ll cross the highway to reach the Southern bank of Green Lake, where you’ll find the sandbar known as The Spit and ride along the Green Lake Boardwalk, while taking in the some of the most breathtaking views in the Whistler Valley across Green Lake.

You’ll wrap up with an easy cruise back to the village heading South on the Valley Trail alongside Fitzsimmons’ Creek, just in time to take a quick break and get changed before you head on to whatever fun activity you have planned for the rest of the day…or if you’re keen to add on one last little bit of adventure, check out Lost Lake route here…