Whistler Golf Course

Though not exactly a dream destination for everyone…the stunning views of the surrounding mountains across the greens, and shaded riding conditions thanks to the abundant pine trees, make the section of the Valley Trail that runs alongside the Whistler Golf Course without a doubt one of the nicest and most mellow places to ride, hence it is featured in many of our suggested routes.

What else might you see there? Though there are no guarantees, it’s very likely you may get to observe some of Whistler’s notorious and true locals, Black Bears, roaming, grazing and going about their business on the course.

It goes without saying that if you’re lucky enough to see these beautiful animals while you’re out and about in the Whistler region, enjoy their company from a far and leave them alone, so what makes the Whistler Golf Course such a good place to do so? They’re doing their thing and you’re doing yours (not to mention the creek that runs alongside the trail around the course forms a lovely natural barrier between you and the bears).